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The Barrens Winery Wine List
We take pride in our wide selection of quality wines. All of the wines we offer are crafted
 specialty for The Barrens Winery. If you have questions about our wines or have any special request for purchases please feel welcomed to fill out the request information box provided.

We provide a variety of wines including:
This is a medium bodied, dry red wine.  Our Chambourcin wine has a light oak aromas with bright cherry flavors. It has soft tannins with a slightly spicy finish. This wine will pair well with a steak dinner, a pork loin, or a chocolate cake.  When we think Chambourcin we think tailgates & bonfires. 

This is rich, sweet red wine made from grapes that have been allowed to hang on the vine for as long as possible. Serve this wine chilled alone or with dessert 
Late Harvest Chambourcin
This is a rich sweet fruit wine. However, most of our guests are delightfully surprised by how dry it is.  This wine is just like eating a blackberry with a hint of sugar on it! It has intense blackberry aromas and flavor.  This pairs quite well with anything!  It is the ultimate fruit wine!
This is a medium bodied sweet red wine. It has a fruity nose, red current notes and a lingering finish. This wine is great on its own chilled or with your favorite chocolate dessert.

Barrens Red
This is a semi-sweet white wine. Vignoles has aromas of tropical fruit with a fresh clean taste. This wine will pair well with a variety of different foods ranging from spicy cajun to a perfectly made creme brulee.    Often times this wine is described as "Sunshine In a Glass"
This is a light dry white wine. It has floral aromas of rose and fruity flavors of apricot. This wine will pair well with spicy foods and fresh fruit.    If you desire a wine with a hint of sweet and easy to sip this is what you are looking for.   This is perfectly crafted for the wine lovers that enjoy one sip at a time. 

This is a light sweet white wine. It has a nose of tropical fruit with citrus fruit flavors. This wine is great chilled on its own or with fruit.  It his highly favored by most of our guests here at the winery. 
 It is a light refreshing sweet wine that is best 
enjoyed with a group of friends!

Off-dry blush wine, made from Chambourcin grapes, this fruity nose and light cherry flavor has a hint of sweetness. Paired best with grilled blackened fish or chocolate pie.